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The Unisex watches gender gap between accessory and clothing options is slowly closing with the advent of unisex fashion. Watches shouldn’t be limited to small watch faces and delicate straps. Many women actually prefer watches made for men to watches made specifically for them, which is a growing trend.

Unisex watches are becoming more popular and women shouldn’t feel obliged to wear traditional watch-wearing guidelines. Watch brands are creating more gender-neutral skeleton watches for men for all sexes.

It is important to pick the watch that you like and that suits your style, regardless of whether or not it was intended for someone else.

Why are women choosing to wear men’s watches over women’s?

Women are attracted to watches for men because they have larger faces than the smaller, more feminine designs of women’s watches. Bolder lines and thicker bands are a striking contrast with more feminine jewelry or clothing.

Vintage watches are a popular choice for women who love them. Watch brands used to primarily focus on men’s collections, so they may be drawn to men’s watches. These timepieces have a timeless appeal due to the classic look of a men’s watch.

It is not a new trend for women to wear men’s watches. Many female celebrities have worn classic men’s styles over the years. Menswear-inspired fashion trends started to include the word “boyfriend” in their labeling, such the loose-fitting boyfriend jeans. Although boyfriend watches may have a more masculine, chunky look than a men’s watch they are still made with women in mind. Unisex watches are more suitable for all types of wearers and respond to the many women who prefer men’s gold nixon watches.

What are the Unisex Watches Timex picks for?

These Timex options are available for those who don’t have a defined gender identity and want to wear a watch that is not gender specific.

Our classic, military-inspired timepiece was given a West Coast makeover with bold pops in color. This unisex watch is available in six different color options. It has an aluminum case with a fabric strap that provides lightweight comfort and all-day comfort.

Fairfield Unisex Watches

This watch is a perfect choice for those who want a minimalist watch that can be worn with almost any outfit. You can also interchange the strap to change the look of your watch for any occasion, mood or outfit. This casual collection includes a variety of styles and colors to match any watch wearer.

MyTimex allows you to design your watch if you have an idea of the perfect timepiece. You can start by selecting your favorite model. Then you can choose your dial design, case colour, and strap material.

You can search for the perfect watch in the spirit of unisex watches or gender-neutral fashion trends.


Watches are an essential part of fashion. Watches can make or break an outfit. A unisex watch will elevate any outfit. This watch has more benefits than regular watches for both men and women. Let’s get to the point.

  • They are Bold

Unisex watches look just like men’s kohls mens watches. This is a large watch. Women’s pieces will usually be less than 37mm in diameter. They won’t work if you are trying to make a statement.

Timex’s Weekender line is a great example of a brand that makes bold pieces for both men and women. Their devices measure between 38 and 42 mm. The T2N651 is a good example. It looks rugged, too. You’ll enjoy shopping among the many Timex watches.

  • They can be minimalist

Many of these are similar to men’s items, but some are minimalistic. It can be difficult to tell if the watches are for women or men. This is what Bauhaus watches excel at. You’ll look super-chic with their wide dials and thin markers. They also have sleek leather bands.

This watch will make you modern and stylish. It can also match your outfit. This watch is great for bold outfits.

  • They Can Look Rich

Many unisex pieces have minimalistic designs, as mentioned. Yes, you’d look modern. No matter how expensive they may be, sleek watches will make you look elegant. Bauhaus pieces are more affordable because they’re easier to find. Unisex pieces are more difficult to find than women’s pieces. You’ll find it easy to obtain a stylish, expensive-looking unisex item.

  • They are androgynous

It is easy to be caught off guard by fashion trends that change frequently. Trends can change in a flash and vanish quickly. The 80s saw an explosion in androgyny. It is making a comeback. It’s possible to mix hyper-masculine elements and more feminine things. This might not be for you. Unisex pieces can be mixed and matched together. You wouldn’t be the focal point of the room, although it would attract attention. Make your androgynous vision come alive with the unisex watch you choose. Sporty is the best.

Last Thoughts

These timepieces are worth having in your collection, considering everything we have already said. They are a must-have for anyone who is interested in fashion. Many of these watches look like men’s costco watches, but they have feminine designs. Its size contrasts with the delicateness of women’s clothes. This is especially true when the item is automatic. Many unisex pieces can be minimalistic so they look the same on both men and women. These watches can be worn with any outfit, and they will make you look great. This is something luxury brands are famous for.