Caravelle Watches: By Bulova

By: DavidPage

People have been obsessive about keeping track of time since the beginning of time, when only sundials were available Caravelle Watches, to the advent of the pocket watch and on to the present. As with any profession, watchmakers have worked hard to improve their methods and the quality of their products. Watches have evolved from traditional hairspring and wheel balance technology to more advanced quartz and then finally to digital watches. Each advancement was made to surpass the competition and offer the best wrist timepieces.

Many watch companies and creators have been famous, but the Bulova Watch Company is one of the most well-known. This company has been known for its luxury and precision over the years. The story is made more interesting by a little background. The Bulova watch company’s story begins modestly, as with many other companies. Joseph Bulova, a young man from Czech opens a modest jewelry shop on Maiden Lane in New York City. He is 23 years old and an immigrant from Czech Republic. His business is successful until 1911, when he starts to make and sell pocket clocks and bedroom clocks. The new products are received well by the public and sales explode at an incredible rate.

The Bulova Watch Company didn’t stop there. The owner of the Bulova Watch Company knew it was a good idea and opened the first factory dedicated to producing his amazing timepieces in Bienne, Switzerland in 1912. The plant was responsible for the production of watch components and the assembly into the final jeweled movements. This was all before the invention of the wristwatch.

Bulova was not Patient Caravelle Watches

The popularity of digital wrist watches grew with the advent of World War I. It was easier for soldiers to keep their watches in their hands than in a pocket. The Bulova Company was always there to fulfill the needs of the public. Joseph Bulova went one step further by designing a line for men’s watches in jeweled cases. It makes perfect sense that Bulova made this bold move, considering his passion for jewelry. It was 1919, and the world was ready for more elaborate watches.

History tells us that the road to this point for Bulova and his company was paved with gold. The name Bulova Watch Company, Inc. was established in 1923. With the introduction of a precision watch parts system, the watch industry is transformed again. This makes all Bulova watches compatible with other Bulova models and makes them more attractive. Watch repair was made easier and more affordable by the fact that repairmen could use any part of any Bulova watch to fix another. This level of detail was unimaginable before.

One year later, Bulova Watch Company remembers women. The company introduces a complete line of watches for women, with diamond accents. This was the “Roaring Twenties”, and people at the time loved luxury and beautiful things. A Bulova watch fit right in.

The Bulova Watch Company did not stop taking advantage of current events and was always in tune with them. The company created a series called Lone Eagle watches to commemorate Charles Lindbergh’s famous attractions solo transatlantic flight. Each watch comes with a photo of the pilot. These commemorative watches were shipped to 5000 customers. In 3 days, the supply ran out. The total number of 50000 Charles Lindbergh watches sold was 51,000. This forward-thinking is what made the company such a success.

Joseph Bulova, founder of the company, dies in 1935. Despite this tragic event, the company’s upward trajectory continued. The world first release of the Bulova Watch Company’s most chengdu famous food product in the 1960’s is the Accutron. The Accutron was an original watch. The technology of the tuning fork was used to create this watch. It was used on numerous NASA flights, including the Apollo mission. It is not surprising that Bulova Watch Company has a rich history of product innovation and customer service.