Brand Guide “Stuhrling Original Watches”

By: DavidPage

It is difficult to get into the entry-level market in Stuhrling Original Watches. The heavyweight brands are always watching and making sure that they have the right product for each price point. Niche brands will need to offer a superior product at the right price in order to be successful. To compete with the marketing budgets and funding for original green watches, you need to make pieces that are unique.

It’s not easy to do this consistently. But Stuhrling seems to have it down without a hitch. Stuhrling has been producing various pieces at lower prices than their counterparts, sometimes even twice as much.

What is it that makes them so successful? What is it that makes them so unique? Let’s find out what Stuhrling can offer us and what makes them tick.

Stuhrling Original Watches Aggressive Beginnings

Stuhrling has maintained a reputation for offering high-quality timepieces at a lower price than its competitors since 2002. Stuhrling’s unique selling point is their money: instead of paying fashion brand company ambassadors to promote the products, they used that money to fund their watches R&D budget to make the most appealing and affordable timepieces.

They don’t spend time or money on brick-and mortar stores. Instead, they focus their efforts on online hotel marketing. This means that they are able to sell and promote via social media and the internet. Due to the limited overhead costs, it is possible to focus more on designing innovative and fashionable timepieces.

The tourbillon watch was their first venture. Stuhrling was told that tourbillon watches can only be made in Switzerland. The company accepted that challenge. Stuhrling made a tourbillon watch that is more affordable than the Haute Maisons of Switzerland, even though their watches are manufactured in China.

The watches became a huge success and were immediately sold out. From that point on, Stuhrling was determined to become an affordable luxury timepiece while still competing with the big names in the horology industry. There are many pieces in the Stuhrling collection. Let’s take a deeper look at what they have in their collection.

Stuhrling has a variety of collections that will suit every watch enthusiast and the common man. These are:

  • Aquadiver Collection
  • Symphony Collection
  • Aviator Collection
  • Legacy Collection
  • Tourbillon Collection
  • Monaco Collection
  • Vogue Collection

Aquadiver Collection Stuhrling Original Watches

Stuhrling’s Aquadiver Collection was a focus of their efforts to provide customers with excellent dive watches at a reasonable price. They took inspiration from the Rolex Submariner to create their pieces. Several design cues were considered, including the bezel motif and layout of the dial. The crown was also protected by the shoulders.

They are powered by either a quartz, Swiss or Miyota Japanese made movement depending on the model and price range. You can make a trip to the beach more affordable by adding one of these pieces to your collection.

Our personal favorite for this model is the Regatta 792. It’s great value for money, and the fit and finish will last you a long time. It measures 42mm and is a perfect size to wear around your wrist. You can choose from a variety of colors with the green bezel shining the most, much like the Submariner Anniversary dubbed ‘Kermit’. This watch is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, everyday-wearing watch that can withstand the elements.

Stuhrling Original Watches Aviator Selection

The Aviator Collection is the best choice for someone looking to live the high-life. The Aviator Collection can seem confusing with all the tools available. Most people don’t know how to use them.

This collection is designed to give you the feeling of being in the pilot’s seat. It allows you to see multiple destinations in one glance, feel the excitement of speed, and enjoy all that life has to offer at Mach One speed. Stuhrling Aviation Collection is your wingman in all endeavors.

There are many great pieces in this collection. The Turbine 789, however, is a great selection. It measures 45mm in diameter, but it is a larger piece. However, you get two timepieces at the same price.

It’s a GMT watch. The GMT watch allows the wearer to see two time zones at once. This is a must-have for anyone who travels lustily and lives life in one suitcase. These design cues are unique. The inner dial has contrasting colours for day and night.

You can see subtle references to aviation in the silhouette of the plane on the second hand as well as the turbine-shaped bezel around the steel casing. Although the GMT mechanism is quartz, it’s a great value movement that we find more useful than a Tachymeter.

Legacy Collection

The next collection will appeal to those who appreciate the inner workings and traditional aspects of watches, as well as the respect for what was made in the past. These timepieces pay tribute to the fine watchmaking process and design. They all have Miyota-source auto movements.

There are many timepieces that come with multiple complications

  • Seconds indicator
  • Day/Date indicator
  • Open heart window
  • Indicator Sun/Moon
  • Second time zone
  • Krysterna scratch-resistant crystal
  • Exotic dials

These features are affordable and many of them can be purchased for less than Sturhling requests. This makes this collection great value. The Legacy collection is mainly dress-type pieces and is perfect for the exhibitionist.

The Emperor’s Grand Dual Time 127 is a great example of the Legacy Collection. This big piece measures 46mm and will bring a smile to your face. The piece is nods towards traditionalism, such as the moon-tip hands that are a nod at Breguet’s legendary watchmaker.

The exhibitionist dial features a 22-jewel automatic movement and diamond hour markers. The watch has a second-time indicator at six o’clock, and a Sun/Moon display of nine o’clock. It has a Cotes de Geneve striped design on the back. This gives the watch a traditional appearance and fine craftsmanship. It is elegant and should be worn by a sophisticated man.