Paul Rich Watches: Review In Defense Of Fashion

By: DavidPage

Paul Rich Watches clearly caters to a younger audience who may be more concerned about the aesthetic and style of a watch than quality and heritage. These watches are not of high quality, but they are not heritage timepieces. These watches include the Timex, Seiko and Hamilton brands.

There is a time and place for minimalist, clean fashion triwa watches. Think Daniel Wellington (DW), MVMT, and so forth. All stylish men can benefit from having one of these in their collections. It shows you are interested in style and have a good knowledge of it. It is a way to build your knowledge and skills.

These watches are made in China using cheaper materials. However, they still have a quartz Japanese Miyota watch that is a reliable workhorse and can withstand any kind of abuse. My DW watch has been with me for more than 4 years and it still works great.

Watch snobs will tell watch enthusiasts to stay away from fashion watches. They will be scathing about you considering one. Who cares about what watch snobs think? You can choose a watch that you like. I believe people should wear what makes them happy and what they love. Don’t be a hater.

Let’s now take a look Paul Rich Watches

  • Because I have many leather straps, I chose the Hampton Grey (sold-out) because of its versatility and mesh band.
  • They offer chronograph options with leather or mesh bands in addition to the regular style I selected.

Paul Rich’s minimalist packaging is my favorite. The watch is packaged in a simple black box that contains the watch and some instructions. There are also a few tools for adjusting the strap.


The mesh band stands out from the sea of bracelet and leather watch straps. The mesh is smooth and sleek. It is casual, easy-going and can be worn with many looks, from casual to formal.


Paul Rich wedding ceremony watches feature a minimalist dial and a sturdy metal bezel. It feels solid and has some weight. The solid grey dial with a pop of blue on second hand was my favorite. It has a 40mm dial, which is the largest I will go for my wrist. For me, a 36-38mm dial is the best. It works well because it has a simple dial and no extra bells or whistles.

It’s not something I can predict how it will hold up over time as I don’t wear it often, but if it lasts like my DW or 5th watch, I’ll be satisfied with it.


Many of the “fashion watches blancpain” I see are successful due to their high marketing budgets and ability capture the influencer market to reach younger audiences who value status symbols more than timeless style.

Paul Rich is worth looking into if your heart has been set on a watch brand. The price is almost half of the Daniel Wellington watch ($99), and it has a similar design and build.

Brands like Paul Rich are, in the end, good for the watch industry as a whole. They increase competition and expand the market, which brings new watch lovers into the world. Win-win.

Welcome back to Paul Rich’s blog! We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest watch. The Iced Star Dust is a new addition to the Star Dust collection. The Star Dust was a success and the timepiece has been regarded as a classic among

premium watches. A modern classic is worthy of rework and new renditions. We decided to add bling to the Star Dust watch in this new take on it.

The first thing that stands out is the iced-out stainless steel case. The timepiece’s body is decorated with Cubic Zirconias. We have refined the shine to a level that is subtle enough to be elegant, but not too obvious. To achieve the perfect glow, the cubic zirconia and aventurine dial work together.

Star Dust watches include a SEIKO NH35A or Seiko quartz movement. They can keep your watch running for up to 20 hours per month, and have a battery life of more than 3 years. The iced-out case has a luminous dial and indices that enhance the shine of the aventurine dial. The watch also features premium rubber straps. The watchband can be adjusted to fit your wrist, and it prevents friction burns.