Hange: Zoe

By: DavidPage

Appearance Hange

Hange was a light-colored person with long, dark brown eyes. They also had shoulder-length hair. Their left eye suffered severe injuries when Hange was caught up in the explosion that BertoltHoover caused. Their left eye was badly damaged in the explosion that Bertolt Hoover caused. Hange wore a small, black patch on their eyes. They also wore thick, square-rimmed glasses with bands around their heads to prevent them from falling off during combat. They wore oval-shaped glasses when they were not in combat, but they kept the bands on their heads. Han ge would sometimes lift their glasses onto their foreheads from time to time. This was often done to show anger or seriousness. Hange often wore the standard Survey Corps uniform, with a white button-up shirt underneath. They wore the traditional green Survey Corps Cloak when on business or missions. Han ge also wore a bolo tie at all times, just like other military commanders. Han ge wore a white button-up shirt and black pants when they were not in uniform. Sometimes, Han ge would also wear a black coat if they had to.

Personality Hange

Han ge finds a passion in Titans Han ge was a free-thinking, energetic researcher who seemed to have a unique way of conducting their work. Han ge says that their hearts were filled with hatred when they joined the Survey Corps. They kicked a 3 meter Titan’s head and were stunned at its extraordinary lightness. Han ge explained that their hearts were filled with hatred when they first joined the Survey Corps. They kicked a 3 meter Titan’s head and were shocked at its extraordinary lightness.

Han ge lost their ability to be lighthearted as the enemy became more dangerous. Instead, they remained serious and calm. They still showed great compassion for others, even the suffering and dead. This was the last time Han ge saw this. Han ge tried to console Mikasa Ackerman by explaining to her their pain at the loss of their comrades. Han ge also hugged her in sorrow. As their Commander positions increased, Han ge began to show signs of anger, stress, exhaustion, and severe anger.

Hange’s Persona Changes

Hange was a genius who used their brains to invent weapons and tactical plans for humanity. Hange, as a leader, was considerate of his comrades and could quickly solve complex problems to create plans for them to follow. They could also use this genius in any way they wanted.

Han ge was not only energetic, but also had a darker side to their personalities. Djel Sannes was shown a psychotic side by Han ge, who gave a demented smile and told him about the terrible pain Han ge would cause him for his actions to Minister Nick. This extreme cHange in personality was rarely seen as they quickly slowed down and only in urgent situations. Han ge often put their glasses on top of the head and then return to their cheerful nature when they put them down.


Hange and Levi discover the body of a fallen Survey Corps soldier while on an expedition outside Wall Rose. Han ge examines the armband of the soldier and reveals that it belonged to the 34th Expedition. It was a gift from a woman named Ilse Langnar, who had died one year before. Battle of Trost District

Han ge teases Levi while they leave Trost district Han ge is among the Survey Corps members as they leave Trost District for another expedition to explore the world beyond the Walls. This will lay the foundations for their eventual return visit to Shiganshina District in order to retake Wall Maria. Han ge jokes with the crowd that they would be disappointed if their admirers saw Captain Levi as a pure freak.

The Female Titan arc

Han ge and Mike Zacharias were assigned to take Eren before the Military leaders to his court hearing. Levi also visits Eren after the tribunal ends to check on his condition.

Mike and Han ge escort Eren on their way to his Trial

Han ge later explains to Eren and the Special Operations Squad that Han ge is responsible for experimenting with captured Titans Sonny and Bean. He begins to prepare Eren on past experiments but because of his enthusiasm to learn, he ends up talking until the morning. Han ge was just about to discuss the strange precedent involving Ilse langnar, when Bean and Sonny interrupted him. Han ge rushes to the scene and cries at Sonny and Bean’s death.