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Actress “Patrice Lovely”

FashionActress "Patrice Lovely"

Patrice Lovely plays Hattie in the Tyler Perry TV movie “Madea.” In reality, Patrice is a very kind person. Is this lovely woman married to a man or a lesbian? She revealed the details of her relationship.

This is the simple answer. Patrice Lovely isn’t a lesbian. She isn’t doing anything wrong, even though it would be. This is more than speculation. Patrice Lovely isn’t a lesbian. There’s proof. This pesky rumor was finally dispelled by Patrice in 2013.

Patrice answered a fan’s question about her Relationship Status

  • A Twitter message from a fan of Patrice’s acting in shows like “Madea” asked Patrice if he had a boyfriend.
  • Patrice replied in humor that she didn’t have a boyfriend. She did however add that she needed one.

Does this mean that Patrice Lovely started dating and married a man?

  • Here’s the solution: Patrice, Married Lovely Husband
  • Patrice’s life has not changed despite all the years.
  • Patrice is currently not married to anyone. It’s therefore futile to ask Patrice Lovely if she has a husband.
  • This must indicate that Patrice is dating a handsome man she calls her boyfriend.
  • The answer is again no.
  • Patrice claimed that she needed a boyfriend in 2013 but it doesn’t look like she was serious.
  • In an Instagram post, the actress of 52 years revealed that she is currently single.
  • If Patrice continues to post sensational, hot photos like these, it’s only going to be a matter time before a handsome man comes into her life.

Patrice Love, the actress who plays “Hattie love”, was born January 4, 1968 in the United States.

Patrice Lovely is currently 52 Years Old

  • Lovely was the daughter of African-American parents. She is also of black ethnicity.
  • Patrice has a brother named Carlo Mcinnis.
  • Patrice Lovely fled home when she was 16 to pursue acting as a career. She felt at home tied down and wanted to leave her home.
  • Patrice is very religious, and believes in God completely.

Patrice Loves Madea & More

  • Patrice Lovely, 16 years old, left home in 1984 without ever telling anyone.
  • Six years ago, she kept her mother and her family in the dark about her whereabouts.
  • Patrice started acting in 1997 after struggling a lot. Her first works are not credited.
  • Lovely started working at UniverSoul Circus in 2014 as a ringmaster.
  • Lovely’s professional acting debut was in 2011 when she starred as Miss Hattie Mae Love in A Madea Christmas.

Hattie Mae was a beloved character and she kept that title 

Lovely played the same role in spin-offs from the Madea sitcoms in 2012. She appeared in “Madea Gets a Job”, “I Don’t Want to Do Wrong!” and the “The Haves and the Have Nots” series.

  • Patrice was also featured in “Je’Caryous Johnson’s Wedding Material” in 2013 as Beulah May.
  • Patrice was seen in “Love Thy Neighbor”, a TV series, as Hattie Love.
  • Recently, Lovely was featured in A Madea Family Funeral.

Patrice Love Net Worth

  • Patrice has remained focused over the years on one role: “Hattie Mae love.”
  • Although she plays only one role, she has appeared in multiple spin-offs of Tyler Perry’s successful sitcom, “Madea.”
  • Patrice is a single character who has earned quite a bit.
  • Patrice Lovely currently has a huge net worth of $2million

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