Funtime Foxy

By: DavidPage

Physical Appearance

Funtime Foxy seems to be another model for Mangle’s intact version, which was also known as Funtime Foxy based on their appearances in FNaF World. Its pink-and-white coloring scheme and its status as a fox animatronic make this obvious. They are, however, in an entirely repaired state (prior the ending in which they get scooped). A whole body covered in segmented lines. Some parts of it are gray. A long, bushy tail is a characteristic of foxes. They have yellowish-orange eyes, like many Foxy cousins.

It also has three tufts on its head of fur. Their nose is black and their snout has three small, purple freckles. Their ears, around their eyes and at their tail tip are pink. Their bow tie is red, similar to Bonnie and Mangle, and their pink nails are long and sharp. Unlike Foxy’s other known foes (except the Nightmare counterparts), has five fingers. Each of their shins have three black buttons.

Five distinct parts to her face. The first runs down the center of the face and the second runs through their eyes. This splits the face into four parts. They have a lot in common with Mangle and Foxy, especially their lipsticks and yellowish-orange eyes. However, has pink cheeks and not the red of Mangle.

Personality Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy is a self-contradictory personality. An introverted, silent animatronic. This contrasts with the other animatronics of Sister Location.  The circus ringmaster and their lines in Ultimate Custom Night are a clear indication of this.

Functionality Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy offers many capabilities, including:

  • Light Activation Sensor (Light Activation Sensor): This sensor activates lights to identify victims in dark areas.
  • Parental Voice Sync & Replay – Can synchronize with any parent voice and play it back to trick or lure a victim.
  • Variable Scent Release is a variable way to release any scent to attract victims.
  • Remote Floor Anchor: This anchor is used to transmit a radio signal to any nearby victims and anchor them, as well to keep the floor level and balance.