What are the ingredients your lash serum should have?

By: DavidPage

Eyelash serums have quickly become a buzz in the beauty industry due to their effectiveness at helping individuals attain thicker and longer lashes. But with so many brands producing products to assist you with building them up, choosing a serum may become dauntingly complex – many make use of advanced science while others employ organic or natural components in creating their lash serum formulas for maximum impactful lash growth. LashPro vippeserum is our most popular offering to treat eyebrows and lashes, containing powerful antioxidants, multivitamins and nourishing active ingredients that create an oil for both lashes and eyebrows.

Before selecting any brand or recommendation, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with eyelash serum basics. Doing this will enable you to select an eyelash serum suited for your particular skin type and preferences – for instance if you know which ingredients make a lash serum standout from its competition, that can help guide your search for one!

This article will assist in helping you understand and gain an in-depth knowledge of some essential ingredients found in eyelash serum. Let’s delve deeper.


Peptides are one of the most frequently used ingredients in products designed to treat skin care. You might have come across them before in anti-ageing creams and other anti-wrinkle remedies; this ingredient increases collagen production which reduces wrinkles while simultaneously supporting eyelash care and growth.

Peptides are proteins made up of chains of amino acids. We all possess them naturally within our skin; in fact, lashes themselves are composed of protein composed of amino acids – thus using peptides to feed lashes is an ideal way of giving them nourishment; hence the serum you use should contain sufficient peptides in sufficient amounts in order to nourish them with essential ingredients that strengthen and grow healthier lashes simultaneously! Furthermore, providing enough of this nutrient also stimulates hair follicle growth.

Certain lash serums contain prostaglandins to stimulate lash growth through their hormonal-like impact; however, peptides are safer and more suitable alternatives because they do not cause skin irritation or darkness, unlike prostaglandins which may.

Plant Stem Cells

Another ingredient found in many of the best lash serums is Plant Stem Cells, which help promote the growth of lashes. But how exactly do they do this? Let’s find out. Certain research studies and analyses have outlined how stem cells naturally reside at the base of hair follicles to aid with hair growth. Follicles develop gradually over time; similarly, eyelash development follows this same path. Anagen, in which stem cells play an essential part in hair development, begins with stem cells playing their part by becoming Keratinocytes – cells which produce visible hair shafts as well as producing Keratin which keeps your locks healthy and vibrant looking.

However, as we age our capacity for natural steel cell regeneration gradually diminishes. This can be caused by excessive heat exposure to UV radiation as well as diet and overall health factors; which leaves your hair looking weak and thin. That is why you should consider the significance of Plant Stem Cells! They aid in mitigating UV-radiation damage while Anthocyanin can be found within Grape (Stem) Cells to restore and increase our ability to regrow steel cells at the base of hair follicles.

Plant Stem Cells work to support your stem cells’ natural defense against UV rays while helping expand and darken eyelashes.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

Biotin is an essential vitamin, deficiency of which may lead to hair loss issues like patchy lashes and other skin problems. Many lash serums contain Biotin for this very purpose and this makes including it essential for nail development as well as growth of hair follicles. It plays an integral part in both growth of nails and growth of hair making its inclusion imperative for overall good health and vitality of life.

Biotin for eyelashes provides nutrients to promote their healthy growth, thus aiding their overall development. Let’s dive deeper: Biotin helps stimulate hair (scalp eyebrows brows and lashes) growth due to its effect on Keratin (protein). Keratin plays an integral part in creating hair as well as nails; when its strength increases this assists hair growth while simultaneously making them healthier.

Biotin has been found to strengthen and sustain Keratin. When applied as part of an eyelash serum that contains Biotin, your eyelashes will gain strength while decrease in falloff. When hair doesn’t fall off prematurely, its size increases and firmness increases, creating more lasting eyelash growth – creating longer and darker lashes! Therefore, having strong, non-breaking lash hair is just as essential for an increase in length as having longer ones!

Biotin plays an integral part in maintaining and increasing lash health and growth, from serums containing Biotin to providing it through food like bananas, eggs and milk – helping improve lash growth at every turn!

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid can be extremely beneficial to both facial skin and eyes, helping maintain overall good health and keeping them moisturized with moisture and well hydrated. As part of its natural function in keeping bodies hydrated and well hydrated, it can also be found in supplements aimed at keeping bodies well hydrated – thus making mascara less likely to break or fall out suddenly!

Due to similar reasons, selecting an eyelash product that contains Hyaluronic Acid should be your top priority. Hyaluronic acid keeps lashes moisturized while acting as a conditioner – keeping them beautiful, lush and dark! With Hyaluronic acid in your serum for lashes you don’t have to worry about them becoming dry or brittle over time; its moisturizing qualities ensure healthy eyes with beautiful shine!

Your Lash Serum Should Include Other Essential Components! Additionally, Panthenol helps strengthen and moisturize your eyelashes for longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Thiotaine, an antioxidant derived from nature that comes from mushroom extract, can help combat environmental stress as well as excessive processing of your lashes. Organic ingredients provide greater benefits than chemical-based serums due to being mild, fitting all skin and lash types well, non-irritant and providing greater results than chemical-based serums. Before purchasing any serum make sure it has been thoroughly tested for quality as any that are dangerous could trigger allergies – test on yourself first to confirm effectiveness!