Things They can be Turned into Cool Stuff

By: DavidPage

Do you dispose of everything after they have served their purpose? Decluttering is a good practice to maintain a clean and organized home environment; however we want you to be mindful of items which shouldn’t just be tossed aside as rubbish. Your creativity may come alive through items which can be transformed into something beautiful after having been put to use!

Turn old lipsticks into lip balm

Many times we dispose of lipstick cases when there is nothing left of them, yet you can make use of whatever remains by melting some Vaseline and scraping off any remaining color from their case, then pouring it into the hot Vaseline before leaving it to cool and harden into an ideal lip balm that matches your lipstick shade. Congratulations – now you have purchased yourself an original shade lip balm!

Make pillow covers out of old shirts

Make them stand out with pillows made from his old buttoned shirts! We know it will look awesome.

Cereal box into a magazine holder

Crafting your own magazine holder is simple. Simply cut a cereal container diagonally before wrapping it with printed gift papers – you have an instant magazine holder!

Empty cans into planters

Add indoor or kitchen plants to used tin containers to create stunning displays – they look beautiful without needing to be painted!

Use candles end

Reusing candles entails melting them before creating new candles from them.

Used coffee ground

If you love coffee or the aroma of it, don’t throw away your used grounds – use them instead to make coffee-scented candles from them.

Reuse old drawers

Old drawers make excellent flower pots. Set them out in your garden, and plant some blooming blooms within their depths.