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Lettuce Hem: How To Sew a Lettuce Hem

FashionLettuce Hem: How To Sew a Lettuce Hem

What is a Lettuce Head?

A lettuce hem can be described as a type or finish of sewing that has a curly edge. The lettuce hem is a special finish but it’s easy to sew. You will need to have a basic knowledge of sewing machines and the zigzag stitch in order to complete this project.

How to sew a lettuce hem

Lettuce edges work best with knit and stretch fabrics. The material must be able to curl and frill so that it can extend in. To create ruffles on a dress or to draw attention to the neckline in a T-shirt, you can make lettuce hems. A pair of scissors, a sewing device, thread and fabric are all you need to create a DIY lettuce-hem. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a lettuce hem.

  1. Thread your sewing machine. Thread your machine’s bobbin with the thread color you choose. To make your fabric pop, you can match your thread color with your fabric. Lettuce hems use different colors of threads to draw attention towards the curly hemline.
  2. Your machine settings can be adjusted. Adjust your machine settings to create a zigzag pattern with a small stitch length. You can also create a lettuce-hem using the satin stitch setting on your machine.
  3. Determine the direction of stretch. First, determine the fabric’s stretch to create a lettuce-hem. Gently pull the fabric with your two hands to find the natural roll of the fabric. Some materials will roll towards the right side of fabric (the side you see when you wear it), while others will curl toward the interior. Both can be used to make a lettuce-hem. However, you must position the fabric correctly to sew along the roll.
  4. The curled edge of the fabric should be sewn. As you sew the hemline, guide the fabric under your presser foot and sewing machine. If the fabric is having trouble rolling, you can fold it with your fingers. To create the distinctive frill look of the lettuce hem, pull the ends of the fabric as you sew the rolled edge. The curlier your raw edges will appear, the more you stretch the material.

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