Guide to Aesthetic Fashion

By: DavidPage

Fashion has evolved over time, but many people are still sticking to the old trends. This is why aesthetic fashion has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, you will see many people wearing aesthetic clothing in everyday life. In just a few days, you can easily adopt this aesthetic style. This is a Guide to Aesthetic Fashion.

What is aesthetic fashion?

This fashion is something that people find pleasing to the eye. It is clothing that is distinctive and bold, which is what aesthetic fashion would be.

While you will most often see teenagers and young adults in aesthetic outfits, it isn’t just for them. It is possible to wear it by anyone. But, inspiration is important before you attempt.

There are many types of aesthetic fashions:

90s Fashion: Aesthetic Fashion

The fashion was mostly a youth movement, but it could also be considered a rebellion. The clothes were inspired by hip hop and sexy schoolgirls. The trend for grunge and minimal styles, as well as bold, vibrant colours, was a strong influence.

Fashion for the 80s

This style was very minimalist. This was a fashion that was bold and striking, heavily influenced from music such as punk, heavy metal and hip-hop. This led to the Aerobics craze and Power dressing.

70s Fashion: Aesthetic Fashion

The fashion featured a mix of fashion trends from different decades. These included fashion trends from the 1950s and vintage clothing. But 70s fashion was all about individuality.

The Y2K Aesthetic Fashion

The Y2k trend was first popularised in late 1990s and early 2000s. Named after the belief that computers would not be capable of processing dates beyond December 31, 1999, the name Y2K was born. Because of technological advances like video games and mobile phones, the original style was digital/cyber. The most popular colours were silver and black as well as chrome and bright oranges.

Grunge Aesthetic Fashion

Grunge fashion refers to the clothing, accessories and hairstyles that are part of grunge subculture and music genre. Since the 2000s, it has gained a lot of popularity. Grunge fashion is characterized by thrift-store clothes, often worn loosely, and its uncompromising look.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Fashion

Cottagecore is a lifestyle which romanticizes both the western agricultural lifestyle and the English countryside. It is a lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity and living in harmony with nature. It can be seen in modern times as a way of rejecting capitalism and returning to simpler ways of life.

Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion is my obsession right now. It’s not much that I can tell you, but it did somehow show up on my Pinterest feed and I am now obsessed. Although I’m not sure what made me fall for someone, something pulled me in. Let’s get to it.